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The words began to twirl
In a dainty dance
Like a innocent girl
Dreaming of romance
Cheeks of rose
And lustrous pearl
My heavy lids close

Burn the letter...

The crisp paper's scent
So unlike her...
Ink curved and bent
Jasmine, myrrh
The vivid taste of June
The evening spent
Beneath a silver moon

Burn the letter...

Laughter, teasing laughter
Bubbling like a golden spring
She wrote of joy and rapture
And sent a little ring
Signed in royal blue
And adding only after
"I miss you too."

Burn the letter...

I understood the fevered age
The waltz, the sweet perfume
Like a twisted iron cage
Wreathed in deadly air and plume
Built so I should never rise
But must the damned page
Reflect her lilac eyes?

Burn the letter...

She knows not the strands
Of poisoned heartstrings
Lacing close our hands
Breaking off our wings
It wasn't ever love we felt
Passion stole all demands
False emotions spilt

Burn the letter...

I felt the crisp rose sheet
The edges were worn
There was a blinding heat
And then all was forlorn
The ever-tolling clock, the fire's purr,
It would all repeat
Less certain then I hated her

Burn the letter...

Why is there no regret
No flame
But there is time yet!
I will erase her name
Her laughter will not find me
I will forget
The memories. Finally...
Don't ask me why
WiseSoul Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
I hear a love once dear lost,
the memories in the letters not to much to bare,
so one by one he burns them...
memory by memory he lets her go.
finally done with the torment that his love brought to his soul.

I have read only a few poems I find this powerful recently.
WiseSoul Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
Now to much to bare*
(to tired to be typing)
but this deserved a comment as soon as I was able to read it.
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February 17, 2011
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